Committee for research

The DGPH Committee for Research primarily focuses on the following tasks:

  • Identification of priority research needs in Public health
  • Science-policy positioning and academic institutionalization of Public Health
  • Counselling of policy and practice in the field of Public Health
  • Promotion of Public Health research
  • Promotion of national and international research cooperation in the field of Public Health
  • Quality assurance for Public Health Research
  • Development of standards for research methodology
  • Detection and evaluation of science impacts of Public Health Research




Prof. Dr. med. Ansgar Gerhardus, M.A., MPH

Dep. 1: Versorgungsforschung – Department for Health Services Research
Institute for Public Health and nursery research
Faculty 11
University of Bremen
Grazer Str. 4
D-28359 Bremen

Phone: +49(0)421-218 688 00 (direct) -218 688 02 (admin.)
Fax: +49(0)421-218 98 688 00