Committee for education and training

Aims of the committee for education and training

The DGPH committee for education and training has set itself the aim to continuously develop Public Health education and training in Germany and to adapt it to suit the current requirements of the discipline and the labour market. In addition to the individual degree programmes, the AHGPS, a subject-specific accreditation agent, is also a member of the committee. 

The aims in detail:

  • Public Health students in Germany should develop comparable competencies at bachelor, masters and doctorate levels. These competencies should be according to international standards and be adapted to the requirements of the labour market.
  • Mobility between different study centres nationally and internationally should be facilitated
  • While study centres should support these aims through a ‚core curriculum’, they should also be able to develop their own strengths by setting their own priorities. These priorities should be transparent to students so that they can choose study centres based on professional aspects.

To achieve these aims,

  • the committee for education and training maintains regular professional exchange,
  • organises conferences and workshops with stakeholders, lecturers and prospective students,
  • informs itself and keeps up to date with international curriculum developments
  • conducts recruitment and retention research and analysis of the labour market



Prof. Dr. Beate Blättner
Hochschule Fulda
Fachbereich Pflege und Gesundheit
Marquardstr. 35
D-36039 Fulda

Tel.: +49 (0) 661/9640-603
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